FWD Citreon Dispatch 1.6 HPI (12-17)

£ 1,499.00 GBP
£ 1,499.00 GBP

Manufactured by PSA (Citroen / Peugeot) and The Ford Motor Company just like most of the modern engines shared between these two manufacturers, the 1.6 HDI 9HU engine is used in a variety of vans and some cars, it is also shared by Fiat. The DV6 is part of the DV family which included the earlier 4 cylinder DV4 and DV5 engines also.

£ 1,499.00 GBP
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Break Down of Work

• New Main and con-rod bearings

• 4 recon or on-size undamaged old Connecting rods

• 4 new pistons / piston rings

• Oil pump

• Timing Belt kit including Water pump

• Recon Cylinder Head

• Rocker Arms & Hydraulic Tappets

• Seals Throughout

Our Quality Control

We  have measures put in place to ensure ALL of our Engines are reconditioned to an expert standard, this is imperative to ensure a good working engine and to  abide by the rules and regulations of FER (federation of engine  rebuilds).

These Citroen Dispatch 1.6 HDI engines are thoroughly cleaned, checked,  measured, machined and then rebuilt with the following new parts.

Engine Issues

Timing  belts failures seem to be a re-occurring fault on this vehicle after a  certain mileage but this is not down to the design of the engine or the belt,  simply negligence by the owner / driver. Timing belts need to be changed at  the recommended intervals of an engine life. We have noticed that the front  mains cap can sometimes crack which can cause oil pressure issues as it  relieves the pressure of the bolts holding the cap down.

engine Swap Review

In our opinion a great little engine that we do not tend to sell too many of even though it fits a wide variety of makes and models, which must be a good sign in terms of reliability. As discussed above there are some failures unfortunately the mains cap cracking is something you cannot really help. I believe this is just a bit of a design fault however it does not happen all the time so is not something to fear. The timing belt just like any vehicle especially these commercial vans that are generally under load and working day in day out, need to be changed. It can be a few hundred pounds to do which no one wants to part with but it is money well spent and can help prevent a whole rebuild / recondition in the future.