FWD Ford Transit Connect 1.8 TDCI (06-12)

£ 1,299.00 GBP
£ 1,299.00 GBP

Manufactured by Ford this 1.8 common rail Diesel engine is the later version of the earlier Ford TDDI (direct injection) 1.8 engine. Just like many engine types this really has not changed much at all, In fact although the casting numbers and engine codes are stamped differently the engine blocks and sump pans are exactly the same.

£ 1,299.00 GBP
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engine details

Engine Brand
Engine Code
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Transit Connect
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Break Down of Work

• New Main and con-rod bearings

• 4 recon or on-size undamaged old Connecting rods

• 4 new pistons / piston rings

• Oil pump

• Timing Belt kit

• Recon Cylinder Head

• Seals Throughout

Our Quality Control

We  have measures put in place to ensure ALL of our Engines are reconditioned to an expert standard, this is imperative to ensure a good working engine and to  abide by the rules and regulations of FER (federation of engine  rebuilds).

These Ford Transit Connect 1.8 TDCI engines are thoroughly cleaned,  checked, measured, machined and then rebuilt with the following new parts.

Engine Issues

The  Ford Transit Connect doesn't seem to have many common engine faults it is  generally down to negligence on behalf of the owner / driver, Head gaskets  issues, low oil causing problems and the most common; timing belt failure.  Generally it is recommended changing a timing belt at 70k miles.

engine Swap Review

A very simple, reliable engine! We do not tend to sell many of these engines which is a good sign for the owners however when we do, the return engine units once diagnosed seem to have the same re-occurring fault which is a broken / shredded timing belt. This issue is easily solved though, simply get this item replaced before it happens! Ford would recommend changing the timing belt on the Ford Transit Connect 1.8 diesel every 70k miles so around this should be sufficient and could potentially save you a lot of unnecessary expense.