FWD Nissan Primstar 2.0 CDTI (10-15)

£ 1,499.00 GBP
£ 1,499.00 GBP

The M9R engine range is vast and used in a huge amount of vehicles. This particular model the M9R 786 is the successor of the M9R 780, 782 and 784. An engine manufactured and introduced in 2010 by Renault and therefore used in their vans but also used in the 2.0L Vauxhall and Nissan vans.

£ 1,499.00 GBP
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engine details

Engine Brand
Engine Code
M9R 786
Engine Size
Wheel Configuration

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Break Down of Work

•  New main and connecting rod bearings

• 4 recon or on-size undamaged connecting rods

• 4 new pistons / piston rings

• Oil pump

• Oil pump chain

• Timing chain kit

• Head gasket & head bolts

• Recon cylinder head

• Seals throughout

• 16 hydraulics & rocker arms

Our Quality Control

We  have measures put in place to ensure ALL of our Engines are reconditioned to an expert standard, this is imperative to ensure a good working engine and to  abide by the rules and regulations of FER (federation of engine  rebuilds).

This Nissan Primastar 2.0 DCI M9R engine has been thoroughly cleaned,  checked, measured, machined and then rebuilt with the following new parts..

Engine Issues

Like  the complete M9r engine range the fuel injectors over time tend to get seize  in to the cylinder head, in my opinion this is due to a bad design as unlike  other engine the injectors aren't oil and when looking at the materials used  this is inevitable. This issue is not a problem until you have issues with  your engine and need to remove the fuel injectors in order to fix that issue.  They can be removed with the correct tooling and know how and in fact this is  a service we offer, but it can certainly be costly as the injectors tend to  break and damage and therefore have to be replaced.
The M9R 780 like all engines will have certain parts and components that  will wear, the timing chain and oil pump in this vehicle are definitely  examples of this, however this is not something that we see in low mileage  vans but just older higher mileage vehicles.

engine Swap Review

"These engines seem to be reliable especially those with lower mileage. They do obviously have the injector seizing issue which is not a problem what so ever while the van isn't problematic but certainly can add expense when it is. Engine Swap would recommend re-sealing the top camshaft carrier around the injectors and putting plenty of grease around the injectors to help prolong the problem. Again, not necessarily something to worry about with a low mileage Nissan Primastar but we would strongly recommend changing the timing chain after 100,000 miles or so, this is a job that can be done in situ so shouldn't be too costly and will rule out spending a lot more if the chain were to break/slip. "